About McDay Express Asia

Welcome to our website! To our regular and new customers, and to our Wholesalers.

We have been trading for a while now, first based in the United Kingdom. Since most of the products were from Asia, the website location is now here in the Philippines were we can offer more products that you can enjoy and it's guaranteed delivery services, wherever you are from around the globe: UK, US, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia and all around India & Asian countries.

More valued customers were enjoying all the varied products from our shop, especially our lightening and whitening products with added formula of anti-aging, sunblock and slimming...which they couldn't get anywhere else but from us. Most of the top effective products were made here from the Philippines, recommended products from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. We have some special products that are imported from the United States, France and other countries too.

We're here to help you and happy to assist you. Please contact us at sales@mcdayexpress.com

Thank you for coming by.